My name is Robert Breton. I am a certified Raja Yoga instructor, meditation teacher, spiritual activist and vegan chef. My sincere passion is helping others achieve their hearts greatest desires. I have spent the past fifteen years going deep into my spiritual journey to finally discover the ultimate way towards personal freedom. I combine the core principles of yoga and meditation with the plant based lifestyle to create the path to higher consciousness.





This CD has specific frequencies and affirmations to activate your light body and allow you to enter higher consciousness  


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Stephanie Perry

"My hero in the vegan world, my support system and idol!! YES he is! I can't describe how thankful, and lucky I am for knowing someone so amazing as Robert. I'm happy now more than ever, I have confidence Thanks to him"

Bryan Vazquez

"Robert is one of the best health coaches I have ever worked with. He has helped me completely transform my lifestyle and eating habits into ones that will benefit longevity and optimal performance at the same time. If you want to unlock your inner potential physically, mentally, and spiritually Robert is the health and wellness coach you need to talk to"

Conor Moss

"Robert's sage wisdom in the realm of diet, nutrition and overall lifestyle coaching has been a huge benefit to my personal growth over the past 6 months. Since implementing Robert's diet and nutrition advice I have seen my body fat decrease, my energy increased, and most importantly my inspiration and motivation to life life to the fullest has skyrocketed!."